August 22, 2019

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Max + Megan



When Megan reached out to me as she was searching for her photographer, we set up a time to meet at Starbucks.  It was fairly crowded that night so when I arrived I grabbed the only table I could find… a tiny two person table.  In walks Megan with Max and both her parents. Opps… haha…. I had no idea the whole crew was coming, but they were great about the close quarters and we had the best time talking, laughing and hearing all about the dreams these two had for their wedding day.  It was so fun.  I fell in love with them instantly.  

Fast forward to their engagement session.  They asked if they could bring their “fur babies” to the first part of the shoot.  I LOVE puppies so I was MORE than happy to welcome them to the shoot too.  They have two totally opposite little personalities… one’s name is Lady… she defines what her name means to the letter!  That little princess is so sweet while making you work for every affectionate wag, kiss or even acknowledgement.  She is amazing!  And then there’s Fitzgerald or “Fitz” as he is usually called.  That boy is attention starved… at least thats what he wants you to think so you won’t stop petting and playing with him.  These two pretty much had my heart as fast as their parents did… I adore this sweet little family!

Over the course of the next year I was able to get to know Megan and Max more and more and hear all about the amazing plans that their wedding was going to hold.  They got married at one of my all time favorite venues.  Rose Hill Plantation in Raleigh, NC has a very special place in my heart… and Megan and Max’s wedding is a big part of that.  Everything about their day was gorgeous.  The venue, the dress, the bride :), flowers, decor, weather, wedding party…etc. It was all stunning.  But my most favorite part of their day was all the little moments when they demonstrated time and time again their love for each other.  One of the biggest ones was Max’s gift to Megan.  He (unknown to her) had been keeping a journal… each entry was a love letter to her.  As she opened it, realized what it was and began to read a few entries… there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  That is why I photograph weddings… I LOVE capturing true love and true emotion through that love.  Megan and Max, thank you so much for allowing me to walk alongside you during this time, for trusting me to capture your big day, and for showing us (that while everything around us was breathtaking) the most beautiful part of the day was your love for each other!  I love you both! Fitz and Lady, Aunty Krista is coming to visit again soon! 

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